‘You are what you eat.’- The impacts of healthy eating


Most of us are familiar with the famous saying ’You are what you eat’, but at the same time only a few of us can really assess the importance of its meaning. Understanding the ways how nutrition can impact our lives is up to many important significance of  healthy eating.

First of all, nutrition has an effect on our physical appearance. The increasing number of people struggling with overweight and obesity shows that there are more and more unhealthy foods on the market with a low nutritional value and a lot of preservatives.

A large amount of these people have a tendency to start an unhealthy diet, instead of realising that having a fit body doesn’t mean that you have to prohibit yourself from a normal nutrition instead you can choose the food you are eating carefully. In order to get the nutrition you need, you have to consume from different food groups. Instead of the calorie-rich junk food a healthy eating program suggests mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, calcium- and protein-rich foods.


It may be surprising to some but eating habits will not only reflect on your physical appearance but they have an impact on your personality too. A person who has a strait daily routine and a harmonious family life is more likely to eat regularly, than a very busy person who overextends himself in such ways that he hardly finds time to get a hamburger from Mc’Donalds not to mention trying to take a walk through a farmers market. In our running, consumer-society we easily forget to slow down a little bit and pay attention to what, when how and where to eat. Beside keeping you fit and wholesome the healthy eating also improves your mood, helps you to reduce stress and gives you a lot of energy and strength.

As we could see from above, we really are what we eat, and if we take into consideration the fact that our eating habits exercise an influence on us physically and psychically I think what we all should do is to try and eat healthy, find those nutrients  for a balanced, long and happy life.


Chanelle Lee, the emerging modell

Chanelle Lee  modell

Chanelle Lee (Toronto, Canada) is working on her modelling career, it’s been six years that she choose this industry, and she is focusing to get experience in acting too, being interested in television and films too. She has already some commercial appearances and fashions show appearances too, which prove that she has a powerful walking posture and she can use the adequate poses too.

She’s currently getting ready for a new reality TV show, Miss Swimsuit Centrefold. Chanelle Lee is taking part like one of 50 of the models to participate and to compete for the crowd. The show will be set in the heart of tropical Cancun, the girls will spend 7 days at a lavish resort, and the whole stay will be filled with fun excursions and of course with incredible modelling opportunities. The spectators will witness what happens behind the scenes of a swimsuit pageant, where the participants are real, the judging is authentic, and the winner is actually selected through the process.

4 Benefits of Online Webshops


If we have opportunities to download films or music or to order pizza or a fresh salad using the  internet, we should buy everyday products and services online too?  A large variety of choices stand before us when we are speaking about online webshops, starting from a bicycle to all kinds and sizes of clothing, we have the option to order anything online. We may prefer exclusively American webshops, like the  Made in USA Shopping webstore,  where we can shop high quality USA made products.

So you may ask, what are the benefits of online shopping? Let’s see:

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